September 19, 2014

The Attorney’s Burden

It’s the law. There’s no way around it. Everyone has the right to an attorney–even the criminally insane. You can imagine how many lawyers feel when they end up taking a case that is a sure loss. Case in point, John Wayne Gacey: that was pretty much cut and dry. Or how about Jeffrey Dahmer? They both had a right to be represented; but there’s no telling how any lawyer would feel about sitting right next to a ferocious killer or rapist. The idea would have to be sickening.

Again, though, that’s the law.

That is, of course, what makes the country so great. No matter what anyone has done, however terrible, there are still certain unalienable rights that remain. Nothing can take them away. Once they ever are taken away, America loses the very foundation that built the country. Make no mistake: every lawyer who has practiced and studied to get where he or she is knows that and accepts that.

But then what would be the point of all of it? If the person’s guilty, why need a lawyer? It almost seems pointless! There is a particular reason for it, though….

For one thing, when dealing with such heinous crimes, determining the suitable decision is important, and a lawyer can make a case for any course of action–such as mental rehabilitation, life imprisonment with parole, fines. Plus you never know: the accused might actually be innocent! Who knows.

Fairness is the key to understand when facing the truth that even the worst of criminals deserve representation, even a fair trial. Without that understanding, we wouldn’t be the nation we are today. Remember that when you give your looks to the unfortunate lawyer who has to put up with sitting next to a serial killer. Or a child molester. Or a rapist. Admire the attorney who can do that for the sake of the law, for the sake of what makes our country great. With that said, people, court is now adjourned.