September 20, 2014

Real Crazy Laws of America (or: Why Congress Needs to Read More)

Take a look at some of the history of our laws passed, and it should be as plain as the button nose on your face that good ol’ Uncle Sam is pointing at as if to say “you’ve got a booger.” Truthfully, though, this isn’t a slam or joke on the humorous laws that you will learn in this article, because it addresses an issue within Congress that is simple: people are human and sometimes don’t ‘read everything!’

Members of Congress have passed some of the most ridiculous laws you’d ever read. How about Louisiana? There’s a law there that prohibits any citizen from holding up a bank with a squirt gun. Seems obvious, right? That goes without saying that robbing a bank is already a crime! Yes, we have to add an addendum, prohibiting the use of water in such an act. Because water’s dangeorus. Moreover, head over to New York City and you might be fined $25 for flirting with a woman out on the sidewalk. Unless you’re checking out any Victoria Secret model, the 25 bucks probably isn’t worth it…maybe. That’s all funny and everything, but this one takes the cake: in 2005, Congress passed a law that allows any Congressperson the right to go to the IRS and learn everything about your income and/or your family!

Think of the implications of that last one: can you say ‘invasion of privacy?’ Don’t start knocking on Congress’ door, though. The truth is there’s so much to read and focus on that every Congressperson actually misses a lot on any bill that is passed. They’re not at fault. To be positive, though, these are just a few laws that can make you laugh.