September 20, 2014

Finding a Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce can be a devastating experience, especially if you weren’t expecting it. If you or your partner are filing for divorce, the first thing you need to know is your rights pertaining to the case. That’s why it is a good idea to first find a lawyer specializing in divorce.

First, you want to start shopping around. Check online or check the yellow pages for lawyers in your area. Ask around from people you know if they have any recommendations for divorce lawyers. Almost everyone knows someone who has gotten divorced.

Once you locate a divorce lawyer, ask them about their fees and how much they will think the whole process costs. Make sure you ask about the fees upfront so that there is no confusion later on. Feel free to meet with a few different attorneys in your price range so that you can get a feel for each and decide which lawyer would work well with you.

After you have chosen your attorney, schedule a meeting so that you can talk with them about your situation. Remember that an attorney bills you for each hour of their time, so don’t turn this into a counseling session. Tell them your business, ask your questions and then move on to something else.

When meeting with your lawyer, bring a list of questions with you. This way you will have them written down and won’t forget any of them. Ask questions about support, children and fees. Don’t be afraid to ask anything. You are paying your lawyer so they should be able to help you with any issues you may have.

Once you have found the right lawyer, you will feel comfortable with them through this horrible process. Divorce cases can take a long time, especially if both parties can’t agree on things. Your lawyer will be there by your side, helping you through this process so that everything works out in your best interests.