September 16, 2014

Atty. Evan Granowitz – A Rising Star in the Area of Contractual Law

Southern California’s Atty. Evan Granowitz is not a Rising Star as polled by Reuter’s Super Lawyer magazine for nothing.  Getting the distinction for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010 for someone who just graduated from law school in 2004 is no simple feat of luck.  It was his own peers in the legal profession in Southern California that got him there, voting him to the spot for a dedicated professional service to clients and a string of successes that have made him stand out in civil and corporate lawyering.

Atty. Evan Granowitz needs no professional advertisement commonly seen in personal ads in traditional dailies and online.  Word of mouth has made the good attorney popular enough to have his hands full, especially in the area of contract disputes, corporate law, unfair trade practices, insurance claim disputes, personal and corporate bankruptcies and class action suits. Handling contractual dispute cases is one of his main specialties as an Associate at the Wolf Group law firm based in LA. Whether oral or written, contracts have the force of law that exacts penalties for any violation. Complex transactions arising from detailed contractual provisions can be tricky among laymen and any dispute often ends up in court. Granowitz heads a team of civil lawyers to help locals either as plaintiffs or defendants in many cases that reach the court, though out of court settlements are encouraged.

It gets especially problematic when contracts are agreed between parties orally than written.  While the meeting of the minds or mutual consent can be understood to have been consummated without a written contract and are recognized under California laws, disputes brought to court can be tedious and problematic.  This is why Atty. Evan Granowitz advices his clients to always put in writing any agreement, from the simplest to the most complicated. This is also in compliance with the Statute of Frauds which makes it easier for disputes to be settled even out of court.  Written contracts also discourage willful violations of any obligation since it is clearly spelled out, leaving little or no room for ambiguity or misinterpretation which often happens when these things are not written. Would be clients can get in touch with Granowitz at his Wolf Group office or at the Orange County Bar Association office where he has active membership.